Can I change my handle?

No. Choose your handle wisely.

What is included in the stats on my account page?

"Lived" and "Visited" countries/cities are counted in your stats. "Transited" countries/cities are not included.

What are the three status categories?

Lived: Countries/cities you have lived in.

Visited: Countries/cities you have traveled to.

Transited: Countries/cities you have transited, whether through an airport, road, or other.

There are no clear guidelines for these categories, so you can make up your own rules. For example, "Lived" could be over a month of residence, "Transited" could be a visit within 24 hours, and anything in between could go in "Visited". Another distinction between "Visited" and "Transited" could be based on entry to a country, meaning whether you passed through immigration/customs or not. A year of residence might be a better requirement of "Lived" for some people. Have your own definition.

What are the three status colors?

Lived: #005403

Visited: #00cf18

Transited: #bbff00

What classifies as "country"?

The number shown is based on United Nations membership states. There are 193 in total, and the number of countries for each continent is based on this number as well. You can add non-UN states/regions in your list and on the map, but they will not count in the numerical stats shown on top. The total number of countries/regions available is 251.

FYI, these are some famous/major states that are not UN members.

By the way, below are some of the regions that you can add to your list, but aren't countries.

JSON data.

Can I embed my map in another website?

Yes. From the share button above your map, you can copy the map embed link. An iframe element would be copied to your clipboard. You can also copy the URL of the map, as well as an iframe embed code of the status color menu bar.

Adjust the embedded map size by changing the "height" and "width" element of the iframe tag.

Map URL Example (Country)


Map URL Example (City)


Map Embed Example (Country)

Map Embed Example (City)

Status Color Menu Embed


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Anything else?

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