What is BokenMap?

BokenMap is a service to map the places you have been to. Both countries and cities are supported.

This isn't a temporary service to create an image, but a place where you can keep updating your travels. In addition to having a profile page, you can embed the map in other websites, like your blog.

You can make/embed something like this

or like this, for cities

How to Share

There are 2 ways to share, either by Link or by Embed.

Link is simple. Just copy paste your profile page link to any social media bio. It's "bokenmap.com/" + your handle name.


Embedding is quite easy as well. Above your map in the profile page, there is a "Share" button. By clicking "Copy Embed Code", an iframe embed code will be copied to your clipboard. Paste that in any website you please, and voilà!

It's the same as embedding youtube videos


You can follow other people who have an account. If you have a friend that enjoys traveling, tell them about BokenMap!

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